custom web application development

A ‘Web Application Development’ is a business system or application delivered over the Web. It might be an internal expenses application used only within a company (intranet); a reseller purchasing application used with partners (extranet); or an online system available to members of the public like an eBay or a holiday cottage search site.

Web applications utilise the interactive nature of websites to provide customised and interactive technologies; they deliver a more sophisticated and interactive user experience than conventional websites.
In many cases, the Web application will be a customer facing interactive website that enables you to do business on the Web. A typical example of a well-known Web application is eBay: although eBay includes some e-commerce elements (such as the transfer of funds between accounts), it is primarily a Web application due to the interactivity between its users in the form of auctioning and feedback.
If you have specialist requirements (such as a requirement for integration with another system) and you’d like your project to be Web-based, you’re probably going to need a Web application.